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the Affordable Care Act

Apr 15, 2014

by Laura d' Almeida, iLander Staff Reporter

     On March 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) , or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), became a federal law in the United States of America. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is mainly known as “Obama Care.” There are forty four million Americans without health care coverage in the United States. Obama care coves more than 9 million Americans in total, and no one can be turned down for coverage due...

Senior Bridget Ebert Recipient of Athena Award

Apr 13, 2014



Senior Bridget Ebert is a 2014 Athena Award recipient, which honors and recognizes outstanding senior female athletes from high schools throughout the metro area. Ebert will be honored May 2 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

... is a Good Read

Apr 11, 2014

by Imane ait Daoud, iLander Staff Reporter

     Do you enjoy reading, but cannot find something of you interest all the time? Have you heard about a site called Watt Pad?  Well, it’s a free online library and everything on it is available to you, whenever you want to read it. Watt Pad is a website for people of all ages, with many young teens using this online library to read books about their interests.

      Watt Pad is not...

Huskies Crowned NCAA Champions

Apr 8, 2014

by Tenzin Jangchup, iLander Staff Reporter


    The start of March means one thing to many basketball fans: March...

Please, Wear Those Seatbelts!

Apr 7, 2014

by Hannan Minhas, iLander Staff Reporter


It was an just another ordinary Thursday morning on March 6, here in Minnesota. I was going to work with my friends. Everything seemed normal, until I saw coming.  For a second, I thought it was a dream and before I could do anything it was too late. We crashed into a bus.  I hit my forehead on the dashboard, lost my consciousness, and next thing I know I am looking up at the ceiling of an ambulance all bloody and in...

Robotics Competition 2014

Apr 6, 2014

by Laura d' Almeida, iLander Staff Reporter

     The Columbia Heights High School Robotics Team 2545, Quantum Mechanics, recently competed at the FIRST Robotics completion. The competition occurred at the Williams Arena, University of Minnesota Twin Cities.
This year’s competition was tough, especially considering that there were 63 total teams, which is more than Hockey teams in Minnesota.

     The game this year was called Aerial...